EcoMod Glue from Got Vapes

Yes, you read that right, glue.  I am writing a review about glue.  No, I am not trying to get out of the electronic cigarette blogging game to get into the woodworking biz.  Got Vapes has started selling a vegetable-based food safe (and edible) glue.

What? Why?
The reason why Got Vapes or any vendor has gone through the trouble of finding (and the tedious repackaging of) a food-safe glue is that we live in an imperfect world.  Certain components of our e-cigs are prone to cracking – I’m looking at you CE2 clearomizer!  Some times things just leak due to design flaws.  The EcoMod glue idea came as a fix V1 Giantomizers leakage issue.

Since this is just glue, there’s not really much of a review to jump into here.  The glue comes packaged in basic 6ml dropper bottles ordinarily reserved for ejuice.  Despite my reservations over getting glue out of a dropper bottle, there’s no problems, it squeezes out in a nice, thin bead.  The glue starts out white and dries clear, much like Elmer’s glue, only thicker.

Fixing V1 Giants
Ok, review’s over, glue is kinda boring like that.  Since I have some time to kill I’ll share my experience fixing a leaking V1 Giantomizer.  This method is WAY better than my original teflon tape approach which was only temporary at best.

  • Optional (to fix dry hits): Remove the silicone gasket, then immediately place it back on the exposed assembly.  Be careful to maintain the alignment of the wick grooves and the wick.  Using the included rubber tip, push the gasket back in until the tip is seated normally.  This will ensure that the gasket is not pushed on too tightly, preventing wicking problems.
  • Apply a bead of glue around the perimeter of the silicone top cap inside the tube, being careful not to cover the fill hole.  The glue is actually fairly malleable in this form, using a small screw driver or other flat object, move the glue bead to the edges of the tube wall ensuring the gap between silicone and metal wall is totally filled.

  • Optional: you can also apply a dab of glue on top of the clear window on the exterior of the giant and spread it with a finger or other object to force the glue into the gap between the window and metal sleeve.  The glue will dry nearly clear (my window had a frosted appearance after the glue dried) to allow the window to still serve its purpose.
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I waited about 4 hours before filling my Giantomizer (24 hours would probably be better).  I intentionally got sloppy filling the carto leaving juice on top of the gasket to force any leaks.  No leaking occurred, and I could back to back vape with no burning.

Other uses
The glue should also help with micro fractures that are common on clear cartomizers.  Just squeeze a dab of glue on the desired area  and spread it with a q-tip or finger.  The glue can also be used to better secure other mods (tube or syringe mods, rebuilt G4s) by placing a bead of glue on the metal collar before inserting it back into the tube.

Too Long; Didn’t Read
It’s glue, you can fix things like leaky Giantomizers and cracked CE2 tubes.  Or make a nice macaroni picture for Mother’s day.


  • You can glue things with it
  • Despite being edible, it’s not terribly flavorful.
Rating:  Seriously?  It’s glue
Product Name: EcoMod Glue
Available From: Got Vapes
Size: approx 6ml
Price: $1.99

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