Tutorial: G4 Drip Atomizer Mod

The G4 clearomizer is somewhat underwhelming in its performance.  Through what might be the world’s most simple modification, the underperforming G4 can be transformed into a low-cost bridgeless atomizer that produces surprisingly good results.

The end result is a short outer tube with the coil and wicks exposed for dripping.  Juice dripped between the side of the tube and the coil base will be absorbed by the wicks and transfered to the heating coils.  Since these are relatively small amounts of juice, leaking is not an issue.  The short tube provides a warm vapor.

For this little transformation, you will need:
Now for the steps:
You probably should empty it first
1. Attach the G4 to a battery.  If you’re overly cautious, use a dead or unloved battery.  Rock the cartomizer back and forth on the battery base while gently pulling away from the battery.  The tube will pull off the base, the tube may remain attached to the coil/base assembly, discard (or save if you’re a pack rat like me) the tube, you won’t be needing it.
2. Determine the desired length for the tube.  The shorter the tube, the warmer the vapor.  You may wish to use your drip tip as a guide.  Using your razor blad or box cutters, carefully cut the tube to length.  It may be easier to press on the tube with the blade then move the blade forcing the tube to turn.  These tubes are fairly tough, it may take a couple passes and some practice to get a good cut.  
3. If using tape or glue, wrap the coil base with the tape, or apply a bead of glue.  Slide the base into the uncut end of your shortened outer tube.  Let glue dry if necessary.  Attach the drip tip, put a couple drops in there and start vaping.

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  • If you pull gently as you rock, it should come off fairly easily. As for the cap, yes they fly off of the tubes if you look at them the wrong way.

    Lots of bottom coil clearomizers are on their way to market. The CE3 should be out soon, the "bud tank" (also known as sapphires) are out, and GotVapes is also crowing they are getting a redesigned Vortex (which is basically a G4).

  • They must have started using some better glue on these cause I've been rocking mine on the battery for a good half hour now and nothing's come off (well the mouthpiece one several occasions but that's besides the point)…

    Really want this to work, I have 4 of these and don't know what to do with them :-/
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